What is Shabda? (2) 

It's similar to kirtan, kozen rufu, or the sounds of a forest.  It's an ancient human practice, with the words removed, with the walls removed. Anyone can experience this, regardless of belief, caste etc.  It's available, in all of its magnificent honesty, and rawness.  There is a deep deep connection here...

what is shabda? 

What is shabda?  What's it mean?  What's this all about?The story begins a couple years ago.  Several years after immersing in this chant practice, singing interpretations of chants of asia, africa, and elsewhere, I found myself one night supporting a woman who leads chants.  We were gathering with some friend's in soho, manhattan.  After leading about an hour of sanskrit singing as usual, she asked everyone to hum the… Read more

Repetition Is 

Repetition is the heartbeat, as it supports the body, the rising, and setting of the sun, the structure of materials. Because wood is a frequency, different from metal, or stone, only possible with rhythm. Repetition is a walk on your feet. It's what brings you there, whether in song, or in bed. It carries energy. It… Read more

Osho Quotes on Laughter 

 Laughter is spiritual health. And laughter is very unburdening. While you laugh, you can put your mind aside very easily. For a man who cannot laugh the doors of the buddha are closed. To me, laughter is one of the greatest values. No religion has ever thought about it. They have always been insisting on seriousness, and because of their insistence the whole world is psychologically sick. Everybody knows… Read more

Jiddu Krishnamurti : Love alone can transform insanity, confusion 

Questioner: What do you mean by love? Jiddu Krishnamurti : Love is the unknowable. It can be realized only when the known is understood and transcended. Only when the mind is free of the known, then only there will be love. So, we must approach love negatively and not positively. What is love to most of us? With us, when we love, in it there is possessiveness,… Read more

Rumi on chanting the names of God 

All night, a man called “Allah” Until his lips were bleeding. Then the Devil said, “Hey ! Mr Gullible ! How come you’ve been calling all night and never once heard Allah say, “Here, I am” ? You call out so earnestly and, in reply, what ? I’ll tell you what. Nothing ! The man suddenly felt empty and abandoned. Depressed, he threw himself on the ground and… Read more


  "Since things neither exist nor do not exist, are neither real nor unreal, are utterly beyond adopting and rejecting - one might as well burst out laughing." ~ Tibetan Nyingmapa Master - Longchenpa Rabjampa - C14th ~

A Break 

As our experiences and beleifs continually change thorughout our lives, it can be easy to forget the nectar in the center. But we find ways... We find ways to to feel again... to experience again. Painting, watching, listening, writing, singing, smelling, tasting, warming, cooling, hugging, kissing, loving, breathing... Whatever works.

Her Perception 

Her perception is like the ocean. It's glistening little specks of light. It's listening closely to the heart.